Hi, I'm Ashe, I'm 22 and I'm from Argentina. I'm studying cinematography at UNI.

I love Emma, she's my favorite youtuber & singer (:

"Stay Strong, Fight Back."

I hope you like my blog. I try to update regulary, but now that I go to UNI it's kinda hard (I'll try my best!)'

Feel free to ask me anything.

faded-dreams-and-lost-hope - i googled ssfb emma (images) and this was one of the first blogs xD

omg, hahahah.

I changed my theme. You guys like it? I may change the gifs later (:

Anonymous - what is emma blackery's snapchat? cause i cant find it lols

bananasplatter (:

Anonymous - Do you know what happened between Emma and Cherry? I didn't know anything about it until Emma tweeted a while ago. Since when I have they not been friends, they only made a video together a few weeks ago??

I think they good a fight at the same time she had it with Jason and some other friends. But they are good now, I think (:

Anonymous - What is Emma's snapchat?? Isn't it emmablackery? I have it added but can't remember if it's legit or nah

Sorry! I just saw this D: It’s bananasplatter

Emma shaved her hair and still looks hot

Emma’s setlist at SitC

Go The Distance
Perfect The Way You Are
The Promise