Anonymous asked:
"what is emma blackery's snapchat? cause i cant find it lols"

bananasplatter (:

Anonymous asked:
"Do you know what happened between Emma and Cherry? I didn't know anything about it until Emma tweeted a while ago. Since when I have they not been friends, they only made a video together a few weeks ago??"

I think they good a fight at the same time she had it with Jason and some other friends. But they are good now, I think (:

Anonymous asked:
"What is Emma's snapchat?? Isn't it emmablackery? I have it added but can't remember if it's legit or nah"

Sorry! I just saw this D: It’s bananasplatter

Emma shaved her hair and still looks hot

Emma’s setlist at SitC

Go The Distance
Perfect The Way You Are
The Promise

Who’s whatching Emma? Did you like her new song?

hand-made-rebel asked:
"Do you think of ever making a music video for 'Lies' and 'Fear The Future' any time in the near future?"


No, we’ll be moving on to videos for the next EP now 😊